Raw (ie Real Long!) videos

Caution these are large files, not suggested for use with 'dialup' (standard telephone/modem) connection
(with 'dialup', any file larger than 1M-byte could take several minutes to download)

Some videos taken of stonework on Wollaston Beach


Cut379.wmv Cutting a cap stone ('flange') for Flag Pole)

1.5 M-byte



Cut381.wmv           cutting and dust 0.6 M-byte
Cut382.wmv        and more cutting and dust   0.9 M-byte
Cut383.wmv Now try to break it 3 M-byte
Cut384.wmv you broke it 2 M-byte
Cut385.wmv         A high tech approach 0.5 M-byte
Cut386.wmv         When in doubt just get out the hammer 0.25 M-byte

Cut387.wmv Nice and smooth

5 M-byte
Cut388.wmv        Drilling 0.5 M-byte

All of the above (7 minutes of dust and noise.. .)

7 M-byte
Miscellaneous  videos taken whilst driving on Quincy Shore Drive
Drive390a.wmv 8:30pm  Conant Rd to Fenno St in 3 minutes ... (May 21) 3 M-byte
Drive392a.wmv 7:00pm, two stops (May 22) 3.5 M-byte
Drive400a.wmv 7:30pm what your dog sees (May 23) 2.8 M-byte